ACPO Goes To Brazil Report


I would like to send a warm greeting to all our supporters and friends. Iâve just returned from Brazil, but before the good news a little update on the Îinner workingsâ at ACPO.

Iâd like to thank Toby Emden for kindly accepting a position on ACPOâs advisory board. Mr. Emden has been working directly with me on a book about ACPO and what weâve learned and experienced in the past five plus years. Thank you Toby for your personal support, and for the support of,

Iâd also like to welcome Phizzle (Karl) to the R&D team (Research and Development). Phizzle is going to be taking over the development of NRB; Network Report Builder. Clint the lead developer of NRB is on a temporary LOA (Leave Of Absence) for personal reasons, and will be an active team member as soon as heâs able. I will assume the position of Project Manager in Clintâs absence.

Please notice all the recent news articles our Webmistress has been adding to the index page. This is where you can stay current on news from around the world dealing with Child Abuse and Child Porn. Sheâs also added some valuable information for parents on our ÎParents linkâ, we hope soon to be devoting more time to the development of this area, keeping kids safe online,. Thanks Webmistress for the excellent job youâre doing.



Let me start by mentioning that Choy Arnaldo, Vice-President of Innocence in Danger has done an excellent job of reporting the International conference, The Fight against Organized Crime: protecting the democratic order in the Federal capital, Brasilia.

That information can be found here:

Visit our primary partner in fighting online childpornography:

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