Ron H. (aka Sherlock) here. In light of the recent and tragic loss of ACPO’s founder & leader, I’d like to assure everyone that every effort is being made to see that ACPO lives on and continues to be a viable leader in the fight and report the unsavory and illegal behavior on the Internet. This was Natasha’s mission; this became Natasha’s life.

The current leaders of ACPO are very capable individuals who are working hand-in-hand to see that Natasha’s hard work is not forgotten.
People around the world have come to rely on ACPO and Natasha’s valiant efforts in a common theme heard around the world. Were it not for her devotion and her dying love for the children she sought to protect, the world would be a far different place and countless other children may have fallen prey to those who have no scruples; no feelings; no regard for the law...

Natasha, perhaps better than most, knew the pitfalls of the Internet and how susceptible children are on the Internet. She was aware of how Internet predators, and  to a greater extent, child pornographers could hide behind their computer displays. Natasha influenced people  both here and abroad and was a true hero and expert at what she did and how she  did it; all within the confines of the legal system.

I recent talks with Natasha, she and I spoke of the future of ACPO, with the resounding theme being “please make sure that ACPO lives in my absence”. That is a promise I made and one that the rank and file will strive to obtain.

May Natasha Rest In Peace and her memory live on through the eyes and efforts of her many co-workers and people around the world. She will be missed, but we can all take solace that this world is a bit better because of her. We miss you Tashie.