The AntiChildPorn Organization’s 2004 Child Friendly Award

ACPO awards the “Child Friendly” award to a selected few individuals each year, based on those individuals’ contributions to the health, safety, rights, and education of the world’s children.

Qualifiers are socially responsible individuals who work on behalf of the world’s children: individuals whose efforts contribute to a better homes, schools, diets, and medical treatment for the world’s children; individuals whose work helps to produce child friendly entertainment; individuals from fields as disparate as medicine, law enforcement, and computing technology whose efforts help make the world a safer place for children. ACPO would like to thank each and every person who contributes to the welfare of children for their devotion and passion to this cause.

Today, December 17th, 2004 the AntiChildPorn Organization (ACPO) is proud to name Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. Creators of as the first recipient of its “ACPO Child Friendly” award. We at ACPO are proud to work with Intercosmos Media Group and grateful for all their help, and for setting an excellent example to the community! Shouts out to everyone at Intercosmos Media Group!

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Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. Creators of

ACPO award- corporate background information

Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. was founded in February of 1999, as an online, family-oriented Internet service company. The small start up company quickly gained notoriety by offering free services and hosting to its customers. In March 2000, Intercosmos launched its flagship product with, an international domain name registration portal.

The guiding mission at Intercosmos is to create a community-oriented Internet services company that offers services and products at competitive rates with excellent support. This commitment to high standards has led to many awards and recognition over the company’s past five years.

Between 1999 and 2000, Intercosmos exceeded its expected growth margins gaining local and global kudos from the business community. In 2000, New Orleans City Business began watching and writing about the local company Intercosmos in its widely read local business journal. In the year to follow,, an Internet consultancy based in Bath, England, ranked Tigershark™ a software package designed by Intercosmos, the 9th top web server in use on the Internet.

Since its inception, Intercosmos has grown tremendously and currently manages more than a million domain name registrations. In 2003, the company began working close with its sister company,, to accommodate customers with high end hosting requirements that demanded a secure datacenter.

Intercosmos’ commitment to the local community is evident through its ongoing support of summer internships for students, as well as designing and creating free educational materials about the Internet and domain name services.

As Intercosmos surged ahead it faced down many challenges. One of them was content control. As the number of members and types of members and began using the free services, Intercosmos chose to make every attempt to thwart inappropriate materials from unsuspecting users. Intercosmos chose to use its personnel and resources to make the most egregious content violations a critical focal point in the fight to protect our online communities. Finding very little guidance for its policies as a hosting and domain registration company under U.S. laws, Intercosmos decided in order to keep the integrity of its own business it would set strict internal policies against inappropriate content.

In 2002, Intercosmos continued its efforts by working with the FBI and local law enforcement to find a safe process for notifying authorities about such sites with illegal content and it gathered information to help the authorities the publishers of this content. Once Intercosmos’ internal protocols were recognized and fine-tuned, Intercosmos began offering their research and insight to other registrars to help them with design their own internal protocols for content violations.

Intercosmos maintains a relentless effort to create a registry-wide consciousness about these issues, but everyday is made aware of choices by corporate peers to ignore this growing problem. We count ourselves as honored to find other like-minded communities online such as the ACPO, and Intercosmos will assist them in the cause however possible.

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