Website Design Updates

Our new website design is well underway.

Here I will be posting updates on progress and different things concerning the 
new design.

The new official Anti-Child Porn Organization logos are pictured below:

Our new color scheme will be along the same lines as the new logo.

We will once again try having a bulletin board on the site, and will have a new
"Enquiry" form that will allow visitors to ask questions right from the site.
The questions will be mailed directly to webmaster mailbox.

We will be doing some re-organizing of the site to make it easier to navigate
and find what you're looking for, as well as having a "Site Map" made up.

We will also be insuring that our site conforms to the World Wide Web
Consortiums standards for strict html code, and that it is also
section 501 compliant.

We are really excited about the changes in the making and are looking forward
to the day when we launch the "new look"!

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