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The concept behind this software is to help bridging the technology gap
between the knowledgeable child who is on the Internet, yet lacking the
life skills needed to know what is and is not dangerous and Parents who
may be a bit behind in understanding this technology and what their child
may be getting into.

Reveal, although not intended as a police forensic tool, it is thought to
be of some utility in providing a quick means for evaluating large amounts
of computer data/files. In the advanced section of the Reveal the ability
to create a customized dictionary will be helpful, in some types of data

Reveal works by searching all files found and comparing each word inside
a file against special dictionaries of words commonly used by pedophiles,
child pornographers, cultists, occultists, drug pushers and purveyors of
hate and violence, It also searches for images, video, and audio files and
provides a quick and easy means for you to review these files for content
which may be objectionable.

The attached program is a self-extracting and self-installing program which
creates a directory (default) on your "C" drive in "C:\Programs\Reveal". It
also creates a couple of sub directories under this directory as well as
putting an icon on the Desktop. It also comes with a un-install program
and is thought to be free of any code, which will affect the way you have
your computer setup.

For more information about Reveal, please email

Reveal is "Donation Ware".

Natasha Grigori -

We have 2 versions of Reveal available for download,  English and French.
English version
French version
Remember; Reveal is DonationWare and Beta

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