Survivor Stories

Listed here you will find stories of abuse, strength, courage, hope and survival.  The authors have submitted their stories as a step towards recovery and healing.
Please note that these stories are the true accounts of their authors. They have not been edited for content and may be disturbing or offensive to some individuals.


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The beautiful poem below was written by Brenda "Rion" Sewell.  She has generously granted ACPO permission to display her poem on our site.  Thank you Brenda.



I have come to a realization that I have lost my truth
and I yearn and pray for the peace that I seek,
and he said, ãStop looking, let it find you."
ãAnd what do I do while I wait?ä I asked, ãI feel so alone and weak.ä

I try to forgive, to forget past hurts, but I cannot let them go.
There is too much anger inside of me and confusion reigns supreme.
The troubled turmoil of my mind keeps my thoughts in a whirl
so the truth that I seek stays hidden as if deep within a dream.

He listened and then his words touched a place, deep within my heart
ãWhy do you search outside yourself, when all that you are is within?
To attain what you seek you must listen and learn
to the truths that your heart holds and then let life begin.ä

As he spoke, a gossamer veil lifted up and an awakening took place in my mind.
I smiled and said, ãI will treasure these words that you have given me today."
I knew in my heart that the time had arrived for a decision to be made.
It was time for my spiritual growth to begin, to set free the obstacles in my way

"You will come through this; just forge your mind in a fire of great resolve
and attune your will to a focused point that allows your will to endure."
So now I tread on a path, bright and new, that will permit my self to grow
in the truth of a faith, that allows me to heal .. to care .. to love .. and to cure.

© July 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell


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