Hey allow me to introduce myself – I am hydro. That is the nick I use on the internet and if you drop by sometime, that is what you will see me called. Since ACPO (AntiChildPornOrg) was founded, I was here. I’ve been here through all it’s trials and tribulations and hope to continue to be graced as a member of it’s growing legions. I decided ACPO was a more than worthy cause because, not only of what it did, but what it stood for. When I needed help, friends from ACPO were there. Like parents, they assisted me. They pushed me when I needed the extra boost, they helped me up when I was down, and they reprimanded me when they saw I was doing something wrong. I belive that the youngster’s generation today are missing nourishment their parents got when they were kids. It seems parents aren’t ever around enough anymore. Not necessarily because they’re out drinking or partying while their 10 year old kid stays at home trying to fend for his/her self, but because they maybe trying to work to provide a home for their family. However, I see way too much depedencies placed on teens and young adults today. I have written a brief document (poem?) on what I believe is the main reason for differences between the “Older Generation” and the “Newer Generation.” It’s not a work of art, but my opinions and my views, expressed through writing.

— “The children of our generation, though young in age, are already parents. We have fathered the age of the bit and the era of the technologic revolution. We eliminate the past by, not sweeping it under the rug, but correcting the future. Our essence is to keep up with the cat and mouse persuit of reaching our expectations. We strive for advancement of our existing achievements to further future endeavors. However, like every generation, we have our hurdles to overcome and our barriers to surmount. Unlike every generation, though, the genesis of our problems originate, not from that of the economy, the goverment, or even lack of resources. Our adversaries come from within diplomatic friendship. The opposition from our elders and peers is staggering. The very people who should be encouraging us are, nevertheless, condemning us, scolding us, and belittling our very existence. Our own, already paramount hopes, are trampled. The successes we achieve today are expected, by our opposition, yesterday. Stop concerning yourselves so much with our petty differences, and trifling imperfections, and more with our capabilities of mass improvement for everyone’s future. -Be patient, Be a mentor, Be content…” —


I realize that change doesn’t occur overnight, but what I don’t realize is, why so many of us believe that change to a certain direction is inevitable. There are those that would say that child porn is another one of those things that you can’t prevent, and therefore can’t stop. To those people, stop thinkining with a linear, shallow mind. If you want fate to control your life, sit by and ride the wind. If you want to control your own destiny, stand up and make it happen. Your motivation, your ambition, and your determination are your future. How does your future look?