Law Enforcement

If you are Law Enforcement, ACPO has a tool for you.

As you might know, ACPO has a report page for the public to report child porn URL’s, FTP’s etc. called Network Report Builder (NRB)

We at ACPO get hundreds of reports and we have contacted US Law Enforcement, Canada, European Law Enforcement Agencies, US Customs, and Missing Kids, about giving them this information.
With the magnitude of reports we get, no single Law Enforcement Agency would be able to deal with them.

One of the major problems in dealing with Internet Child Pornography is the jurisdiction issue that Law Enforcement has to deal with. With NRB, Law Enforcement can eventually search for reports in their area, interact with other Law Enforcement Agencies on a report,
have that report refined as much as we’re allowed to refine it.

The plan is for ACPO to do as much as we can to help you save time in putting a case together.

If you are an agency that is legally licensed to track pedophilia or pedophile activities, please email: Natasha Grigori –

Technical questions and information in regards to NRB please contact our Project Manager Clint Alexander –


for information.


CPSonar: Child Pornography Sonar (CPSonar) was conceived and planned as a service, which can be offered Internet Service and Hosting providers, to actively search out and identify child pornography on their servers. The program is designed to run efficiently on any given scale of system, be it a large ISP hosting thousands of websites or alternatively, a small ISP hosting just a few CPSonar is scalable for the setup. CPSonar will reside on any type of web server to search for child pornography based on an updateable database of known files. It searches through file names, image fingerprints and uses other techniques to recognize offending objects. Based on the findings of CPSonar the ISP can further the findings to local law enforcement, in order to allow the matter to be dealt with accordingly.


WHAT IS Reveal?
REVEAL: The concept behind this software is to help bridging the technology gap between the knowledgeable child who is on the Internet, yet lacking the life skills needed to know what is and is not dangerous and Parents who may be a bit behind in understanding this technology and what their child may be getting into. Reveal works by searching all files found and comparing each word inside a file against special dictionaries of words commonly used by pedophiles, etc. It also searches for images, video, and audio files and provides a quick and easy means for you to review these files for content which may be objectionable.

Read Brad H. Astrowsky’s
STEGANOGRAPHY: Hidden Images, A New Challenge in the Fight Against Child Porn .