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ACPO Releases a new version of Reveal to help protect your children, read more about it here:

ACPO would like to congratulate Innocence in Danger for their success at their recent press conference; to present new software for children and parents on the Internet, developed in cooperation with the Anti Child Porn Organization and NetVeille.

ACPO and the BOD (Board of Directors) would also like to welcome Homayra Sellier on board ACPO’s BOD. We are excited by the cooperation of the two organizations working together for the same mission, to make this a safer place for our children.

Welcome aboard Homayra, and thank you.

Our French liaison DeepQuest (Alex) is working with Homayra in Paris, thank you Alex, we at ACPO appreciate your four years of hard work.

Natasha Grigori is interviewed on the radio March 20, and talks about Reveal Software, that ACPO has made available for parents. Listen:

The ACPO website is on a new server and is undergoing changes to bring it back up to specs. Please mind the dust as we repair the scripts/counter/tracker and web pages.

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