A sad fact is that ACPO has operating costs. Although we are staffed completely by volunteers we have expenses for things like office materials, brochures, posters, web hosting, etc. that are currently barely being met by the out-of-pocket contributions of ACPO staff.

We are a non-profit corporation registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service and for residents and corporations within the United States all of your contribution to our cause may be tax-deductible. If your employer matches employee contributions have them contact us before you make your donation.

Please help us continue our fight against child pornography, please help us with a charitable contribution.

Donate by mail…

…or use PayPal

ACPO has setup PayPal for Donations. Its as easy as sending email. Go to PayPal, and you may donate to ACPO with Credit Card, Electronic Transfer, or Credit Check directly across the internet, and totally secure. PayPal has over 11 million members, and are very reliable. So , please, make your donation today. We are a not for profit organization, and rely heavily on donations to continue our work saving children. Please help save a child today.

All you need do is send the donation to the following email address :

1. Go to PayPal Website:

2. Click on Send Money Link:
Send to

3. Select a Donation amount:
$20, $50, $100, or any amount of your choosing.

4. Then Send, and thats it !