ACPO (antichildporn.org) is a non-profit group formed to actively seek out and stop the exploitation of children on the internet. 

Our focus is to protect our children from becoming victims of child pornography and keep it from being spread over the internet.

Our secondary focus is education. We want to train individuals and organizations about the internet and its associated risks. We wish to educate the public and politicians to this epidemic and the danger these criminals pose to the collective social interest. We want to address the supply and demand issues related to these illicit materials and facilitate cooperative efforts between police agencies and other public interest groups worldwide. We will counsel law enforcement on gathering information and evidence related to the internet. We pursue all of our goals with the ethical and moral values of most anybody confronted with this abhorrent practice.


Can I leave a message or contact you?

f course! there are several possibilities….

How can I help?

Everybody can help…you can be a newbie, a talented graphic designer, a sponsor, or just a kind supporter…

  • you can join us
  • we need sponsors to buy hardware and software
  • you can make a donation to help support our website
  • you can also help the site: we need banners and logos, so if you have some graphic talents, send your works here …thank you!
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How did ACPO begin?

One regular visitor to our channel on IRC, around 40 years old with a wife and three lovely children, discovered a channel dispensing pictures, supposed child porn pictures. He and I were talking at the time, and he told me he was going to see if they truly were of children. Well, they were, under 10 years old; no mistaking this was child porn. This is how ACPO started….

What about freedom of speech?

Let’s make it VERY clear:

We do support freedom of speech and we do not target pornography in general…

We do believe that adults can make their own choices and are free, responsible… all we want is to STOP Child Porn over the net….

More info about freedom of speech here.

What are our goals?
  • Provide a maximum of information to law enforcement authorities, including activity hot spots on the internet and the result of our own investigations into the activities of online child pornographers.
  • Put a halt to sensationalism and hype regarding the internet while promoting quality investigative journalism on pedophile pornography.
  • Create enough public pressure to bring authorities to the point of action.
  • Form a cooperative with other internet groups with similar goals that will benefit us all and increase our impact.

Our ultimate goal is to give all of our children the chance of leading a normal, healthy childhood.

Who are you? Where do you come from?

We are men and women from all over the world. We are from a variety of professions, from computer programmers to housewives. We are all ages, from teens to grandparents. What we have in common is our goal: TO STOP CHILD PORN!

  • ACPO Board is here
  • Main active members list is here