ACPO Watchdog Program

1ACPO has spent much time over the last few years weeding through the vast levels of information available
2Law Enforcement personnel have informed us that the problem is not lack of data; rather it is a lack of Man Power to follow through with the information
3Therefore ACPO Appoints itself as a national WATCHDOG over Industry, Government and Law Enforcement in their battle against Child Pornography and Child Eploitation on the internet.
4As a watchdog group ACPO's firt goal will be to weed through the data available, remove the false information and tabulate the results in a clear and concise manner which the public will be able to understand thus highlighting the depths of this problem...
5This information will be published as a PUBLIC REPORT CARD evaluating each phase of the problem.
6The Report card will be given to all the major news feeds, and will be published on our web page for public review.
7This report is designed to: First EDUCATE the public as to the depths of the problem
8Secondly to explain why the ISPs are caught in a lose-lose situation.
9Finally explain the LAW ENFORCEMENT is doing everything in their power with the staff availbale, their current tools and the boundaries that they are forced to work within.
10After reding this report we will give clear ACTION Items for the reader on how they can:
11Verify the information we have delivered,
12Evaluate their spending patters for on-line services,
13Make changes to the LAW on a LOCAL and NATIONAL LEVEL.
14ACPO will continue this reporting ona regular schedule with each subsequent report highlighting trends and changes that have occured, as well as delivering more in-depth information in a specific area of the problem
15Each report will maintain the report card section with a re-evaluation of preceding articles and the addition of new areas.
16We feel that through EDUCATION and ACCOUNTABILITY that we will force the problem out into the public where real changes can begin.
17Only the public can make changes that will help remove this problem from the internet. This is accomplished through their buying habits, supporting and requesting Modification to the Law, and by asking for additional FUNDING for our LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies
18We at ACPO, Thank YOu.