Heinrich Dio

What defines me is a good question. I could first say that I am a college graduate, with an International Relationâs major. Or perhaps I first or also say that I am Japanese and in search of a career. The adequacy of my self-presentation will depend on the demand of the information requestor. So, I will use the following as my axiom of autobiographic response: ãthe viewer is requesting information about me relative to helping childrenä.

I do want to help children. By that I mean that I want to help humans at an immature stage of development to develop in a way so as to be able to optimize their productive and creative capacity. I consider myself a part of an organism of entities that work in certain types of unison towards a certain optimal activity of production-creation. In this sense-meaning, each one is a composite of the world-self, and a concern to one-self.

The children are conscious actors in their state of intensive and sensitive self-formation. The greater the sensitivity of the developmental state, the greater force is necessary in the defense of the stateâs well being. Thus, recognizing the importance and sensitivity of childhood, concerned with the grand harm of its demise, I seek to contribute to the effort of affirming the ultimate good and negating the wrongs in the field of helping children.

That said, I also recognize the complexity of the issue, and affirm the importance of studying the root processes that leads one to do harm to childhood. All conscious actors strive to realize their good. The violators of childhood may be said to affirm the good in prioritizing their short-mid term individual, mini-collective, or regional sexual/financial interest at the detriment of a more all-humanity and long-term interest.

The evident immediate child-aid task is in the detection and termination of the wrongful actions perpetrated based on the certain types of value system. The more long-term goal is in the tackling of the underlying processes that produce acts of severe social-pathology or social-heresy. And this carries along the fundamental question concerning the real and ideal identity of orthodoxy in the behavior of human individuals and collectivity.

I hope to contribute to even a minute part of the endeavor to counter the immediate misdeeds, to determine the dualistic root of human behavior, and to make a better world come true :: wink ::