Hi allow me to introduce myself; I am:~Natasha Grigori . Natasha is the nickname I use on the Internet.

I am here to briefly tell you a little about ACPO, and myself. Eight years ago my life changed, partly due to my past actions, and also, I believe, because of some confirmed memories. Memories of child abuse…. It was during my life changing experience that it was suggested I write a book, about my experiences. In doing so I bought a computer, and eventually enrolled in a couple technical colleges, and took up graphics, multimedia, and the Internet.

In doing so I became involved with a web based BBS. Kinda like the old corkboard one’s we are all familiar with, but this is on the Internet. With these BBS’s people can reply to each other almost in real time. There are many people on this BBS that I am co-sysadmin of, that have become like family.

We use this forum to discuss computer-related problems, and to help each other. As I have been known to say Knowledge is Power Keep it Free.

In an attempt to do just that, and give the same people a better medium to discuss their problems, share their knowledge. I started a channel, as they are called on IRC [Internet Relay Chat], used for real-time chat. One of the first things I noticed on IRC were the kids, young people with incredible minds and computer skills. But pretty much left to fend for themselves by their parents. Where are the parents these days ?