Weng Yep is the Director of “Digital Xtreme Security Systems” (DXSS). DXSS is a  groups of persons interested and involved into networks Security and the information on this subject using a state level magazine here in Mexico. He is in charge of the relationtions with ACPO and Spanish Speaking Countries, and he is also the one to handle information on AntiChild Pornography Organization and Mexico. He studied Law, in Mexico and his interests include: network security, intruder detection, and everything dealing with computers and security in almost any subject.” I decided to participate on this group because there’s a lot of people and money spreading all over the world with this kind of illegal and destructive activity ” he says. “They don’t care about all the harm they do to children and their innocence” If you feel you need help, contact me drop me a line to my mail and we will take care of it.”We stand up and see that this world has changed, nothing is like it used to be; now darkness is invisible, and not even our senses can see it.  If we want to see right now through all the Darkness surrounding us, we  need a high level of conciousness that we reach only when we discover TRUTH.  To see beyond Darkness we have to explore what we are seeing, to get in touch with the inner part of everything and analize it, to know all the parts and elements which are part of it.  This way we will understand what this darkness is like, recognize it and fight against it.  We have to cross from the Dark side to the the Truth side, then we will start to see all those people who wants to trap in the hole of darkness children innocence and dreams… these painful activities are destroying a lot of kids all around the world but we can still help and protect them, the world of truth will never be defeated.