Ron Hartmann

In 1991, I founded an IT company serving the Medical industry. During the past 9 years I have grown the business from 2 employees to over 30, with a customer base that is truly nationwide from Alaska to Florida and from Maine to Hawaii. During those early years I was involved with every aspect of the computer business, from Writing custom Programs, Configuring office networks, to serving on the Board of Directors. The company was aquired in April of 2000, and I am now serving as the Director of Technical Services. Founding and running an IT business has given me many real world experiences that I feel will be helpful to ACPO. ACPO as an organization continues to enhance its connections with Law Enforcement, Design of new software, Implementation of educational programs, and in many other areas. For ACPO to grow as an organization, we need to have an infrastructure that is capable of growing as well. During this growth, I will share my experiences and help guide ACPO so it can continue to move into the future. The experience that I have had in the area of the Internet and Wide Area Communications while serving the medical community will transition nicely to ACPO. I am well versed in communication mediums, Computer Security, and Software Development, which are all complimentary to areas that ACPO is currently working in. Relying my background from both the technical and business aspects of a company, I will try to bridge the gap and allow both sides of ACPO to understand and grow with the other.