I have known Natasha (or tashie as we call her) since the middle of the 90;s. When she first stated she would start an organisation to fight child pornography I was saddened, not because I dont think its a thing worth doing. I wsa saddened becuse she said she could spend that much time with us anymore. She still came by the meetingplaces on the net that was set up for the community, but not at all that frequent as before.The years went by but we stayed in contact (althou the contact was sometimes broken off for half a year or so). I thought about joining her in that cause and I also started college whitch gave me access to broad band connection. That have me an opportunity to do some serious work for the organisation. I joined the organisation in the beginning of 2000.Almost three years later I am the webmaster for this site and is finally writing this bio. I have learnt much by working here (and I have had great fun doing it) and I hope the future allows me to continiue to do so.