Joe Gee

I have experience with computers and things digital that goes back to 1979, when I first sat down at a TRS-80 Model 4.

I wrote my first program the next year. When I graduated in 1984 and went to college I found myself working in the computer labs teaching second and third year compu-sci students how to do their work. My major in college was a dual French/German major, which is not very useful in central Ohio. I never switched majors, I just quit school.

Off and on through the years I have owned an Atari 800, a Commodore 64, a TRS-80 Model 4, and various home-built x86 machines. I went online in 1995, was familiar with Unix from my college days, and thought this new Internet thing might just catch on.

Two years later I was hired on as a consultant to help build the ISP I use to this day. I design web sites, I admin a network for a local factory, and I kick around my apartment with my three cats.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I am horrified by the idea of child pornography, and I was excited to learn about ACPO from an article on ( I filled out the form on this site and some wonderful, dedicated lady named Natasha emailed me back.

I was introduced to everyone, a few people took me in and showed me the ropes, and today I help out where I can, when I have the time.


-Joe G.