ACPO Presents Reveal Software to help protect your children,
read more about it here:

ACPO Presents Be Smart, Be Safe Online Contract
A printable contract listing the guidelines for “safe surfing” while online.
There is a place for both the child and parent/guardian to sign.
Keep the signed contract posted near the computer as a reminder of the
agreed upon guidelines.  Be Smart, Be Safe while online!

Download the Contract Here

We also has a poster available with the
Be Smart, Be Safe While Online guidelines in printable
MSWord document format.

Download the posterHere

Download these great Be Smart, Be Safe While Online puzzle pages for kids.
Three different puzzles to choose from in printable MSWord format.

We have a Brochure that explains all about ACPO that is available in printable
MSWord format.

Download ACPO Brochure NHere


We Pray for Children

A beautiful poem written by an unknown author.
Read the poem Here

There’s No One There

A  poem written by Michelle Reid
Read the poem Here

A young woman’s search for truth leads to a courageous battle to save her children.
Written by Catherine Brown

A true and remarkable account covering a 15 year span of time, from a young girl’s search for truth during the hippie revolution of the ’60’s and 70’s to a world so deviant and shocking you may have trouble reading some parts. However, as the author is struck with the cruelest of blows that could potentially destroy her and her children a growing thread of hope and peace envelope their lives.

Laughter Calls Me is a voice for the thousands and millions of children, mothers (and fathers too), who have suffered under the hands of child molesters and carry the scars of child pornography. The power of abuse lies in its secrecy. This book is an attempt to break that power.

More information on this book can be found HERE

Internet Crimes Against Children 

New computer technology presents complex challenges for law enforcement agencies and victim service providers. These professionals must protect Internet users as they conduct investigations, secure evidence, identify and apprehend offenders, and help child victims and their families. Based on the knowledge and experience of those working with child victims, this Bulletin focuses attention on child victims of Internet-based crimes, highlighting the challenges for law enforcement personnel and victim service providers, examining who the child victims are, and determining how best to respond to these victimsâ needs and the needs of their families.

Your children and Internet Chat:

Did you know that there are 10 million kids on the net today? Learn more about what risks these children are exposed too and what you can do about it in this document

The Online Community and IRC
Read why you need to be concerned with what your child is doing on the computer and why you should be concerned with who they are chatting with in this document

ActivatorDesk Introduced as the First Dot-Kids
Safe Internet Desktop Browser for Children

GLENVIEW, IL — (INTERNET WIRE) — 02/24/2003 — Last December President Bush signed the Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act and now ActivatorDesk has responded to this call with the very first Dot-Kids safe Internet desktop browser for parents and educators. This is one of many new features introduced today with the release of a new Version 6 which works on all popular versions of Microsoft Windows.

ActivatorDesk has long used the basic idea of a ‘Safe Internet Zone’ or ‘Safe-Sites-Only’ concept for both children and the business enterprise. As President Bush stated at the signing, “This bill is a wise and necessary step to safeguard our children while they use computers and discover the great possibilities of the Internet. Every site designated .kids will be a safe zone for children. The sites will be monitored for content, for safety, and all objectionable material will be removed.”* Now ActivatorDesk is the first to integrate ‘.Kids’ domains using this method.

Read more Here

GAO Report: Peer-to-peer Networks

Provide Ready Access to Child Pornography*
U.S. General Accounting Office report to the Chairman and Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives
*.pdf file and requires Acrobat Reader

Friendly Sites Made Just For Kids

Kids Com Jr   Kids Com  D.A.R.E. Kids   PBS Kids   KidGrid

Recommended Reading

Parenting Websites

Stories About Abuse

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The stories are from ACPO members and friends of ACPO
and we offer them as stories of hope for survivors.

If you have a personal story that you would like to share,
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Remember that there is no “true” confidentiality on the web– you may want to omit or change your names for your own protection. We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality.  Only the information you submit as your story will be used.

*Stories submitted will be reviewed and may or may not be chosen for posting.