Board of Directors

ACPO would like to Announce Homayra Sellier on board the BOD and Thank Tim Lawless.

Tim Lawless has been with ACPO from the beginning of our mission. We all; the BOD (Board of Directors), and Natasha would like to thank Tim for doing so much for our organization. Without Tim Lawless we wouldn’t have grown this far. Tim has been advising us and Natasha for four years. He is now turning his seat over to Homayra and moving to the advisory board, where he is best suited.

Again we all at ACPO give Tim Lawless ‘Shouts out’ for all his hard work and love of ACPO.

Thank You Tim, and welcome aboard Homayra.

Board of Directors
* denotes Dept. Head

Name Job Title Date Email Bio Website
*Natasha Grigori Chairperson 1/1/99 Bio website
Doug Stead Vice Chairperson 9/1/99 Bio website
Homayra Sellier
Homayra ACPO BOD seat/ Founder of IID
12/5/00 Website
Al Wiinikainen Treasurer 3/1/99 Bio
Deepquest Secretary 1/1/99 Website
If you would like to contact any of the people above, please use their email.